Student-Athlete Alumni Spotlight


Gretchen and Ben Meador
Gretchen played women's soccer from 2008-11, while Ben pitched for the Bruins from 2004-07. 
 Colleen Nilson
 Colleen played volleyball from 2004-07 and lives in Chicago.
Jacob Buckman
Jacob ran cross country and track from 2003-08 and is currently an officer in the Air Force.
Brittany Thune Lindberg
Brittany ran cross country and track from 2006-10 and currently works in Washington, DC.
Linda Johansson

Linda played tennis for the Bruins from 2004-2008 and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jeremy Kees
Jeremy played men's basketball from 1996-2000 and currently lives in Philadelphia.
Kelli Davis Weathers
Kelli played women's basketball from 1990-1994 and currently works & lives in Loretto, TN.
Marilou and Benny Proffitt
Marilou was a cheerleader and Benny played basketball.  They live in Thompsons Station, TN. 
Leah and David Moss
Leah played women's basketball, while David played soccer.  They live in Nashville.
Margaret and Kyle Leeper
Margaret lettered in cross country/track, while Kyle played tennis.  The couple lives in Nashville.
Kellie and Adam Mark
Kellie played volleyball, while Adam was a absketball player for BU.  They live in Brentwood, TN. 
Brandi Miller and Alex Renfroe
Brandi and Alex both played basketball for the Bruins.  They live presently in Munich, Germany.
Ester and Matt Fiedler
Ester (Volleyball/Track and Field) and Matt (Track and Field) live in Boulder, Colorado.
John Baldwin
John was a member of the golf team from 2002-06 and currently works for the NCAA.  
Sara Burkhead Robson
Sara was a women's golfer at Belmont from 1998-02 and currently lives in Pleasant View, TN.
Randy Guiler 
Randy played baseball from 1984-1987 and currently lives in Norfolk, VA.  
Grant Martin
Grant played baseball for the Bruins from 1997-2000 and lives with his family in Nashville.
Barbara Stone Hallums
Barbara lettered for Belmont in women's basketball from 1975-1979. 
Dan Smith
Smith played golf for the Bruins from 2007-1011 and lives in London.  
Lauren Uremovich
Lauren played soccer from 2004-2008 and lives in Dallas.
Charlie Dankert
Charlie played soccer for Belmont from 2010-2014 and now lives in Washington, D.C. 
Keely Weaver Corlew
Keely is a 2015 Athletic Hall of Fame Honoree and lives in Orlando, FL.
Sherry Tegarden Flecksteiner
Sherry played softball from 1995-1999 and lives in Portland, TN.
Laura DeHaan Haske
Laura played tennis for the Bruins from 2001-2004 and lives outside Chicago.  
Brittney Kelly Michael
Brittney played soccer for Belmont from 1999-2003 and lives in Gig Harbor, Washington.
Jaye Schuler Goodman
Jaye played volleyball for BU from 2004-2007 and lives in Nashville.
Eric Pittel
Eric played soccer for the Bruins from 2004-2007 and resides in Nashville.
Joe Behling
Joe played basketball for Belmont from 1986-90 and lives in Nashville.  
Felipe Lima
Felipe played tennis for the Bruins from 2002-06 and lives in Nashville.
Jessica Harris Telligman
Jessica lettered in soccer and cross country/track from 1997-2001 and lives in North Carolina.
Sammi Parks
Sammi played softball for the Bruins from 2005-2009 and currently resides in New Zealand.
Dylan Craig
Dylan played baseball from 2009-2012 and currently lives in Nashville.
Kimberly and Nicole Muldowney
The Muldowneys ran for the Bruins from 2008-2012.  They reside in Nashville. 
Meredith Brandt Govea
Meredith played soccer at Belmont from 2004-2008 and lives in Hendersonville, TN.
Sarah Brandt Adams
Sarah Played soccer for the Bruins from 2004-2008 and lives in Nashville.
Mike Mayernick 
Mike played basketball for Belmont from 1986-1990 and lives in Nashville.  
Lauren Williams Weaver
Lauren ran cross country and track from 2003-08 and is a 2017 Belmont Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee.