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Our purpose is to love, serve, and challenge student-athletes as we prepare them to live and compete at their personal best.

We will train these student-athletes in a manner that builds resiliency towards injury, increases athletic ability and enhances self-confidence.

The Strength and Conditioning Department will accomplish its mission under the following training principles:

  1. Balanced Development holistic approach to total body development both muscularly and metabolically
  2. Transferability training in a manner which transfers to demands of specific sport
  3. Technique each repetition performed properly to obtain desired stimulation and adaptation
  4. Periodization long term planning of training cycles and seasons
  5. Progression steady and systematic increase in work volume and intensity over time
  6. Overload system must be stressed at appropriate levels beyond its present capacity
  7. Variation differing modalities and stimuli over time to control for monotony and plateaus
  8. Consistency an untrained system reverses back to previous muscular and metabolic levels
  9. Coaching creating structure, safety and energy in each training session
  10. Evaluation testing and monitoring to quantify rate of improvement in specific adaptations (Muscular Strength, Muscular Power, Agility, Speed, Anaerobic & Aerobic Power, Body composition)


Contact: Matt Frederick l 615-460-8044 l