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Brian Baker to Join Tennis Takes

Brian Baker to Join Tennis Takes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - - Belmont's own, Brian Baker, has joined the journalistic website known as Tennis Takes. 

Tennis Takes is a website that aims at filling the void on the lack of general tennis coverage in the country by using expert analysis from coaches, players, and other experts on tennis to give extensive coverage to the sport of tennis. Its founders are former Belmont tennis player, Marshall Lipman, and his brother, Maxx Lipman, who had a very successful collegiate career at The University of Florida and the University of Nottingham, England.

They have announced today that Brian Baker will be joining the Tennis Takes family.

Baker is a former member of the ATP Top 50 in singles and was ranked 29th in the world in doubles back in 2017. He has competed in major tournaments for doubles play and he has represented the United States in the Olympics back in 2016.

He currently works alongside Mauricio Antun as the volunteer assistant coach of the men's tennis team at his alma mater, Belmont University.

Coach Baker is really looking forward to joining the platform that is Tennis Takes and is looking forward to not only working for Marshall and Maxx Lipman, the guys who created the website, but is also looking forward to providing extensive knowledge journalistically about the game of tennis and its variety of topics.

The Tennis Takes article about Brian Baker joining the website can be found at